Our people and technology interact with the most productive veteran hiring initiatives in the United States. If you are an employer, please click “Employers” to learn how you can lead your industry directly from the epicenter of veteran hiring. If you are a veteran, please click “Veterans” to learn the different ways you can be connected to the best employers in the United States. Here's how people and technology works together to bring our leading employers and veterans together:

Assistance Everywhere

Our technology deploys chat on every single job posting and web page across every single application, meaning you are never alone, our team is just a chat away.

Job Matching Experts

Our technology feeds the best matches to our Job Matching Experts, most with military backgrounds, making them 10x more productive in helping job seekers get hired.

Reporting & Analytics

Our technology utilizes real-time data and actionable analytics to help the military community find employment and organizations grow.


Our technology is mobile-optimized for an experience on mobile phones first. Today, 70%+ of website job traffic is mobile. This spike has been deemed as Mobilegedden.

Working With the Most Important Vereran Hiring Initiatives In the US

Hiring our heroes

Our technology powers the key employment tools provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes Foundation, the most successful veteran and spouse hiring initiative with over 500,000 confirmed hires.


Our people, in partnership with the the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes Foundation, operates the Fast Track website, a job website that provides industry education, success stories, mentors and jobs.


Our technology is behind the system configured to implement the Department of Labor’s industry apprenticeship programs by helping Employers successfully establish apprenticeships for the military community and providing actionable analytics to the DOL for continuous improvement.

Hiring America

Our technology synchronizes television branding on the American Forces Network and 195 local channels with job posting distribution to track results and determine ROI.



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