Candidate Sourcing

Connectivity to the Military and Job Seeking Community

Candidate Sourcing

There's nothing more important to the success of your company than your employees. Because of that, Fastport developed and implemented innovative strategies to educate, hire and inspire diverse and emerging talent pools into careers like yours. We possess deep knowledge of talent pools like military Veterans and minorities, ensuring access to untapped potential, fostering inclusion, and enriching your organization with unique perspectives and skills. Experience the advantages of a diverse workforce by partnering with our recruitment specialists who understand the value of—and how to access—these exceptional candidates.


North Carolina State's Artificial Intelligence Academy (AIA)

In a strategic collaboration aimed at unlocking the untapped potential of North Carolina's military community and the broader job-seeking population, NC State joined forces with Fastport to foster a surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals through a dynamic Registered Apprenticeship program.

As of April 2022, the program opportunity has reached over 81,842 Veterans. Through personalized and informative interactions, we've successfully introduced them to the transformative AIA Program. As a result, an astounding 12,282 Veterans have expressed their keen interest, directly engaging with the AIA Program. This remarkable achievement reflects an incredible 15.0% success rate, showcasing the power of candidate outreach and sourcing when paired with cutting-edge technology. This collaborative initiative has not only enriched the lives of these Veterans but has also reinforced North Carolina's position as a hub for AI talent and innovation.