Custom Development

Build a Custom System to Optimize Your Organization

Custom Development

Custom development is the art of crafting tailored software solutions to precisely fit a business's unique needs. Embracing custom development empowers businesses and government entities to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and optimize outcomes. By aligning technology with your specific requirements and business workflows, it unlocks the potential for seamless operations, increased productivity, and a secure, competitive edge in today's dynamic landscape.

During development, we’ll work with an organization to identify the need, detail process steps, outline specifications and identify all users. From there, we’ll design, create, deploy, and maintain the software.

Key Features

Fastport develops on the Microsoft Azure platform and has access to all features and functionality within the Azure platform. Here are just a few of the technology features that are available to be included in custom technology solution.

System Results

We've been building custom technology solutions to better run organizations for nearly 10 years. Our systems touch over 500k+ users. Click the button below if you're interested in learning more about how we could help your organization.






U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes Program

The Resume Engine & Career Spark are resume writing application systems for service members, veterans and their spouses. The systems translate military experience/records into civilian employer terminology, while utilizing hundreds of thousands of pre-written descriptions/bullet points/statements to help service members, veterans and spouses to quickly and easily draft a civilian resume in minutes and not hours.

Hiring Our Heroes Admin System includes everything they need to run their organization from event registration to employer sign-ups to resume searching/matching to dashboards and more. Together, the Resume Engine, Career Spark and Hiring Our Heroes Admin System include over 500k+ users with over 285k+ searchable resumes for employers to access.

President George W. Bush Institute

The George W. Bush Institute’s VET Roadmap developed by Fastport maps out the detailed process steps for a transitioning service member who is facing a “sea of goodwill” but often without navigation on how to find what they truly need. Using Fasport's technology, the VET Roadmap aggregates all resources for each step in the process, giving service members the ability to rate and review the best resources, so over time the best resources have the best ratings and reviews. Ultimately, service members have the ability to customize their own transition roadmap when using the system.