Recruiting & Workforce Development for Government


Fastport has been awarded multiple government contracts and offers multiple government solutions.

Workforce Development

Fastport is a workforce development accelerator and US Department of Labor Industry Intermediary. In addition to our own contract and commercial work, we support organizations seeking workforce development grants to streamline their access to industry stakeholders and source diverse candidates into earn-and-learn career opportunities.

We help businesses streamline talent acquisition and give candidates opportunities to advance their careers. With experience in over 45 different industries over the last 12 years, our team is equipped to design an apprenticeship to fit your needs. In fact, our key personnel represent over 200 years of military and civilian workforce development and technology domain expertise. In addition, an “earn and learn” training opportunity is an amazing asset to attract a diverse, qualified talent pool, reduce turnover costs and boost productivity.

Below are Performance Highlights (as of June 2023):


Apprentices Hired

With 80% of new apprentices are DE&I populations, including 54% minorities, 23% Veterans, 14% youth, 7% female, 2% disability.

Recruiting System

Developed under 3 Air Force SBIR's and by over 140+ Air Force Recruiters, the recruiting system is customizable to organizations who need more and higher quality talent. Each custom solution is designed to help employers recruit more and higher quality talent by improving candidate targeting and differentiation positioning with data-driven recruiter productivity tools.

Our team will work with you to create a solution that provides candidates with a personalized benefits report, allowing them to create a life plan using your respective organization benefits. The system also provides insight into candidate activity and behaviors, allowing recruiters to target the most engaged candidates with tailored messaging.

Once a small business has completed an SBIR Phase I or Phase II contract, the necessity for competition has been satisfied, so procurement requirements across all federal agencies are streamlined. Sole source contracts are now possible as long as it is “Work that derives from, extends or completes an effort made under prior SBIR/STTR funding agreements...but funded by sources other than SBIR/STTR set-aside funding,” according to the Small Business Administration; SBIR and STTR Policy and Directives, Feb 2014, Sect. 4(c)(4).