Workforce Development

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Workforce Development

Fastport is a workforce development accelerator and US Department of Labor Industry Intermediary. In addition to our own contract and commercial work, we support organizations seeking workforce development grants to streamline their access to industry stakeholders and source diverse candidates into earn-and-learn career opportunities.

We are here to make the workforce development process easier and faster. Our team serves as a liaison between government agencies and businesses to help create new apprenticeships, expand existing programs and create national models for accelerated implementation.

We help businesses streamline talent acquisition and give candidates opportunities to advance their careers. With experience in over 45 different industries over the last 12 years, our team is equipped to design an apprenticeship to fit your needs. In fact, our key personnel represent over 200 years of military and civilian workforce development and technology domain expertise. In addition, an “earn and learn” training opportunity is an amazing asset to attract a diverse, qualified talent pool, reduce turnover costs and boost productivity.


U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration, Office of Apprenticeship (DOL ETA OA)

Fastport was selected by the US Department of Labor to be an Industry intermediary to expand Registered Apprenticeships. Since that time, our team has been key in facilitating public-private partnerships through Workforce Boards, educational institutions, associations, and the DOL. These partnerships serve as a lifeline for businesses and Registered Apprenticeship providers alike in terms of funding, ROI, and mitigating administrative burdens. Intermediaries are familiar with providing supportive services while serving as a go-between in both the private sector and the federal government.


Contract Goal

Fastport's achievement-to-goal ratio for DOL contract deliverables.

Apprentices Hired

80% of new apprentices are DE&I populations, including 54% minorities, 23% Veterans, 14% youth, 7% female, 2% disability.


Created Registered Apprenticeship programs through Fastport (includes both associations and employers).


Registered Apprenticeship occupations developed.