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Building Apprenticeship Education Programs

Education Institutions

Fastport was selected by the US Department of Labor to be an Industry intermediary to expand Registered Apprenticeships. Since that time, our team has been key in facilitating public-private partnerships through Workforce Boards, educational institutions, associations, and the DOL. These partnerships serve as a lifeline for businesses, educational institutions and apprenticeship providers alike in terms of funding, ROI, and mitigating administrative burdens. Intermediaries are familiar with providing supportive services while serving as a go-between in both the private sector and the federal government.

Interested in setting up an apprenticeship training program and want help sourcing candidates into your program? Check out Fastport's success with North Carolina State below.

North Carolina State's Artificial Intelligence Academy (AIA)

North Carolina (NC) State contracted with Fastport to provide connectivity to the military community as well as the greater job-seeking community to increase the number of artificial intelligence (AI) professionals through their apprenticeship program. As of April 2022, our team team has reached out to 81,842 Veterans to educate them to the AIA Program and connected 12,282 that have expressed interest directly to the AIA Program. This is an incredible 15.0% success rate.