Retention System

The retention system is designed to help employers (Companies, Military, Government, Education) retain more and higher quality talent by improving employee education about career pathways through training and education; and demonstrating comparative benefits of a continued career. 

Using the Retention System, employers can gain insight into how/where your workforce wants to advance through your organization, giving you an advantage in retaining them for a lifetime career.

By providing candidates with a tool to help employees:


Determine where they want to take their careers


Identify their occupational course of action


Reach goals their through employer benefits


Key Features

Career Outlook Tool

Gives users the ability to see actual data on what occupations are available to them based on their current and projected education, training and experience.

Skills Gap Analysis

Gives users detailed steps to follow for an upwardly mobile career by utilizing and maximizing organizational benefits provided to them.

Career Pathways

Gives the ability to see what career progressions are available from their employer, so they can stay and grow within the current organization.


Key Benefits

  • Each report is tailored to address and solve for key objections.

  • Each report can include competitive information to better position employers.

  • Has the ability to be used in email marketing campaigns or flyers with QR codes posted in break rooms, etc.

  • Reports show candidates how much time each year they should expect to be unemployed based on market data.

  • Provides a tool candidates can use to sell key influencers on their decisions. 

  • Gives insight into candidate activity and behaviors, so recruiters can focus on the most engaged candidates and tailor their messaging. 

  • Has generated 2.51 shares per candidate increasing word of mouth or perpetuated leads.


Key Engagements