Seeking Industry Leading Employers

FASTPORT partners with employers that lead their industry and are willing to devote resources to take an active role in military recruiting to help change the way servicemembers, veterans and spouses transition into civilian employment.

Seeking Companies that:

  1. Are actively recruiting Veterans,
  2. Are established industry leaders,
  3. And have a large number of jobs across several geographies.

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What We Offer

Utilize our people and technology that interact with the most productive veteran hiring initiatives in the United States.



Digital Tools

Post to 5 digital tools at the epicenter of veteran employment, connecting with more than 100,000 candidates.


Military Events

Military Events

Receive help getting the most out of 100+ military and onbase events each year with an audience more than 30,000.




A FASTPORT initiative to make sure no veteran is left behind during their transition into civilian employment.


Digital Audience

Digital Branding

Special promotion across FASTPORT’s entire digital marketing effort reaching a potential audience of 1M+ as a Leader of veteran employment in your industry.


Event Audience

Event Branding

Special promotion across FASTPORT’s entire event marketing effort reaching 100+ hiring events and an audience of 30,000+ as a Leader of veteran employment in your industry.


Television Audience

Television Branding

Special promotion opportunities for industry-leader interviews distributed to the American Forces Network and 195 local channels with a reach of 1M+ veterans and families.

Customized Forms

A communication platform deployed on all job postings to chat with leads at the exact moment they are interested, boosting your conversion rate.


FASTPORT’s contact center helps qualify candidates when your recruiters are busy so you never miss a lead.

Qualification Help

Provide industry expert mentors to help educate veterans and spouses on career opportunities in your industry.


Performance reporting utilizing actionable analytics and real-time data to help determine ROI and get data-driven insight into your military recruiting efforts.

Compliance Data

Reports and data provided to demonstrate proof of your effort to recruit veterans.


Integration with your ATS to map into your current HR processes, as well as an automated job feed or website scrape to keep your jobs up-to-date.

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