The right trucking job for you means more money, more home time, and more opportunity. FASTPORT's JobMaps™ is an entirely new way to match drivers to the right job, a difference that could mean $1,000,000 more over your career.

What are JobMaps™?

Searching for a trucking job with traditional classified job listings is cumbersome and frustrating. They are too hard to read, too hard to search, and too hard to compare. The perfect job could pass right by your front door and you'd never know.

JobMaps™ is different. JobMaps™ shows you a picture of jobs that match your experience best and pass right through your hometown. Even if you are new to trucking, we identify the posting with the best future for you. Here's how it works:

Start by Searching

The first thing to do when you hit the JobMaps™ page is to enter your hometown and a little about you. Our map will then zoom to your location and drop map pins for JobMaps™ that fit you best. Even better, our system will also show JobMaps™ that pass right by you.

Easy to Read

Since JobMaps™ is a "picture," you can tell which positions look the most interesting in just a glance. Also, the details of each JobMap™ are laid out exactly the same, so they are easy to read and easy to compare.

Improve Your Results

As you browse JobMaps™, be sure to "thumbs-up" things you like and "check-off" requirements you satisfy (or don't). We then use your feedback to show you even better matches.

Mark Favorite and Hide

Better yet, mark the carriers and jobs you like best as "favorites" to save for later, and "hide" the carriers and jobs that do not interest you. All this allows you to get closer and closer to your best fit.

Read Reviews

When you get close to that perfect job, be sure to read reviews from past and current drivers to help you determine which carrier is right for you.

Inquire in One Click

When you are ready to make the change, contact the carrier in just one click. You can either send them a quick email or give them a call.